Put it on.

Easy to use, The Visulyzer is a hands-free device that tests for any kind of impairment - from alcohol, classified drugs, marijuana or medical causes.

Turn it on.

The Visulyzer automatically administers a series of impairment tests without the need for hours of special training for police officers.

Get results.

The accurate, digital video record can be evaluated on the scene, transmitted for remote review, or archived for review by experts and the courts.

The Only Device That Tests for Impairment Due to Alcohol, Marijuana, Opioids, and Other Dangerous Drugs

Multiple Tests

The Visulyzer administers an electronic version of the Standardized Field Sobriety Test approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - done safely and in minutes.

Military Applications

Our armed forces spend millions to maintain the finest equipment in the world. The Visulyzer can help ensure that personnel are fit and ready when they report for duty as the equipment they use.

Law Enforcement

People still drink and drive but now the police face even more challenges. Death from opioids is occurring in epidemic proportions and legal cannabis is causing more accidents on our roadways.

Industry and Commerce

Construction and manufacturing operations employ heavy machinery and exacting conditions that can be difficult and dangerous. Make sure your people are ready for the most challenging environments.


Fleet operations are common to just about every form of transportation. Whether on the ground, in the air, or by water, the transportation industry requires those responsible for the operation of any sort of vehicle to be free from impairment.

Cannabis, Opioids, and More

The Visulyzer is the only tool that detects and records signs of impairment regardless of the reason. Any exposure to medications, illegal drugs, chemicals, or even injury, that results in impairment leave behind specific physical evidence that the Visulyzer detects, measures, and evaluates in real time.

This revolutionary approach to determining impairment regardless of cause fundamentally changes the argument away from the cause of impairment and focuses it squarely upon where it ought to be - preventing those who are impaired from becoming a danger to themselves and others.

Cannabis and Opioids-
An Imminent Challenge

The Visulyzer Is The Only Tool Providing Evidence-Based Detection Regardless of Cause

The one thing everyone agrees upon in any discussion about drugs and alcohol is that people are obligated to refrain from endangering others.

Opioids, alcohol, and marijuana are obvious targets of abuse, but common prescription drugs such as Zanax, Valium, Ambien, and others cause impairment as well. The Visulyzer can detect impairment from any schedule I or II drug as well as impairment caused by exposure to chemicals, injury, or even many over-the-counter cold and flu medications!

photo of Visulyzer and Marijuana

"…there are currently no evidence-based methods to detect marijuana-impaired driving…"

-National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2016


Omiga's Visulyzer addresses the critical need for accurate and effective protocols and procedures for impairment detection with wide-ranging applicability for public and work-site safety, law enforcement, and individual rights.

Please note that none of the stories linked in this section endorse Omiga or the Visulyzer, nor are any implications of endorsement by any individual, company, or source are intended. These links are meant to inform readers about the issues surrounding the current issues surrounding impairment and drug testing.

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